Bike ride and weekend run

When I lived in Iceland I used to run with a group of people, we had trainings and a coach. Since I moved to Australia I´ve tried to do my runs here (without any training partners). Sometimes it can be really difficult, specially the sprints and I miss the talkie long distance runs on Saturdays. It can be difficult to run 20 km alone!! On Saturday I ran 19 km. It is always difficult to go out but when you are out and have set your goal you go for it, nothing can stop you. When you finish the run you feel good and satisfied, at least I do! I ran along the coast and Logi and Ninja picked me up at Bulli Beach where we had our lunch, great start of the weekend!!

Here you can see me after the run, always happy to see my happy Ninja..

I took a long bike ride this morning on my new road-bike. I went from Wollongong along the coast to Stanwell Park, it was very beautiful! Here is a photo I took on my phone of the Sea-Cliff Bridge. There were almost no cars, but many riders, many people surfing and running. Gotta love early Sunday mornings!

I am a newbie on a road bike so I´m learning all the “rules”, and I have to learn how to fix my bike too! I found this photo on the internet. it´s a nice poster with all the names of different parts of the bike..

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