Workout and weekend

Time goes fast when you are a busy mom, wife, and obsessed with running, cycling, swimming, yoga etc.. I wish I had time for more!  Sometimes it can be hard to find time for all this, you have to cook dinner, take care of Ninja and we never get anyone to babysit for us as we are a long way from our families in Iceland. I think there is no excuse for not exercising on regular basis. There is always a way to squeeze it in, just wake up earlier in the morning. I know I exercise maybe too much, I don´t plan my training. I just do what and how I feel like. I try to do a long run once a week and one sprint run too. Most of the time when I´m on the treadmill I do more than I planned to begin with, It feels so good to train hard and really push yourself.

Here is how I trained over the weekend:
Friday: Took a day off from the gym and let Ninja go instead to the kinder-gym, run around and jump on the trampoline. Yoga class in the afternoon, 1,5 hours, just relaxing, OM.. Saturday: Ran in crazy rain, 25 km. Could not stop, I feel better when it´s raining than sun and warm. So Fresh! Sunday: Went out 6:45 and took a bike-ride along the coast, 70 km, around 3 hours? Wonderful! Monday: Gym, ran 11 km on a treadmill and did 2 km swimming, 2 hours in the gym + Vinyasa class in the afternoon 1,5 hours stretching etc..

It just feels so good to move ❥

Feeling good on the Sunday bike-ride ❥

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