Sydney duathlon

Last weekend I participated in my first duathlon.

I am very happy having done this, good experience. My first time racing on the bike and there are a lot of things to learn. For instance I didn´t have a clue how the transition would work. Probably should have done some training for that part, as I fell on the side when going off the bike in transition. Since the race I have lowered the handlebars as they were pretty high and next time I´ll make sure that I pump the tires before the race 😉

The race was 3,2km run (1 lap) – 19,2 km bike (6 laps) – 3,2 km run (1 lap) in Parramatta, Sydney and was hosted by Hills Triathlon Club. Everything was very well organized. I was a bit scared when I came, everyone seemed to be very experienced, which most of them probably were as they all had fancy bikes and outfits.

There were 41 women competing, I was 6th in the first run time: 0:12:56, I was 16th on the bike, time: 0:39:32 which is good as I don´t have the experience. Hope to be faster next time.. and 5th in 3rd run, time 0:13:31. I ended up being 12th, not too bad for a first timer!

The start

Ninja cheering mommy


The run

I will definitely do it soon again and be much faster 😉

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