Sri Chinmoy half-marathon, control my speed..

I´m happy that I decided to participate in the Sri Chinmoy half-marathon Sydney. I´m happy because yesterday I almost decided not to go cause I have been sick, with a runny nose and have been coughing. Logi has taken couple of days off from school cause of cold and Ninja has also been unwell.

I did end up finishing the race, that was my goal for this one, Just to take it as a good training! I finished with the time of  01 : 38 : 10 which I think is ok, happy with that given the circumstances. I came in second (woman) which is good, have to work on my time later as I think I can go faster!!

I guess I started to quick, I finished the first 5 km in 00 : 21 : 18 and 10 km in 00 : 44 : 40. I have to learn how to control the speed in a half-marathon before next race. Guess I can be happy with the 5km and 10km times in a half-marathon.. haha!!

The start

Ninja happy with mommy´s trophy

Always a good feeling to cross the finish line..

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