The invisible helmet

Two Swedish women Anna Haupt and Terese Alstinat have designed the invisble bicycle helmet. The product and company named Hövding began as the industrial design master’s thesis of the two students at Lund University. After five years of research and $10 million in funding, they are selling it now and is available on their website.

The invisible bicycle helmet uses rechargeable battery-power that detect the typical motions involved in a bike crash. They trigger a tiny gas inflator which instantly fills a nylon airbag with helium. The bag forms a hood around your head that cushions the impact of the street, a car, or anything else you slam into.

I love the design and I think it is perfect for fashionable people out there who don´t like to wear helmets.. Hövding is a practical accessory that’s easy to carry around, it’s got a great-looking yet subtle design, and it will save your life 🙂

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